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I've had surgeries, chemo, radiation therapy, and umpteen tests. I can tell you what you really need to know about being a patient.

About Jen Singer

Shortly after I was diagnosed with heart failure in 2020, I joined an online support group. Every once in a while, a newly diagnosed patient would post in a panic about the outdated survival stats "Dr. Google" had offered up.

The patient had done what we all do when we’re just diagnosed: Googled it. But if you Google “heart failure,” you’ll find scary stats and alarming charts that don’t take into consideration your personal prognosis, recent advances in medications and heart devices, or the cause of your condition.

When I Googled “heart failure” after my diagnosis, I landed on a page I’d written five years earlier as a medical writer for one of New York City’s most prestigious hospitals. I already knew how to decipher survival statistics, how to wade through medical research papers, and how to translate all the “medicalese.”

I thought it would be a great service to new patients if I took my expertise as a medical writer and married it to my extensive experience as a patient – I am also a cancer survivor – and filtered out the scary and confusing information that “Dr. Google” tends to provide.

So, I did. I wrote a series of ebooks, adding some humor and lots of empathy, for anyone who’s just diagnosed.

Being a patient is scary – I know. But now you can find out what you really need to know when you’re just diagnosed without Googling a thing.


Jen Singer has survived cancer, Covid, and heart failure. For years, she was a medical writer for some of New York City’s most prestigious hospitals. When she’s not working as a ghostwriter, developmental editor, and writing coach, she writes patient-friendly ebooks called “The Just Diagnosed Guides” to provide the newly diagnosed with the information they really need to know now. She lives at the Jersey Shore (the place, not the TV show).



 Jen Singer has extensive media experience and makes a great podcast, radio, or TV guest. In fact, one CBS News producer called her “good TV.” She has appeared on the CBS Evening News, Today, Canada AM, and numerous radio programs and podcasts. She has written for and has been quoted in many print and online outlets, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Parents, McSweeney’s, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and more.

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