About the Just Diagnosed Guides

Typing your disease or condition into an Internet search bar is like waving hundred dollar bills in Grand Central Terminal at rush hour. There's a chance you'll make it through unscathed, but probably not.

The internet simply has too much unfiltered information and it doesn't take into account your personal prognosis. You'll find confusing medical terms, matter-of-fact health statistics presented without a shred of empathy, and loads of conflicting information that may or may not have anything to do with what you need to know in the early days after your diagnosis.  

Wouldn't you rather find out what you really need to know from someone who's been in your shoes? A patient like you, but with a background in medical writing? Someone who's done the Googling for you and then translated it into English and wrapped it in compassion?

Jen Singer patient

I'm Jen Singer, a heart failure patient, cancer survivor, and seasoned medical writer for some of New York City's most prestigious hospitals.

As a patient, I've navigated some pretty big diagnoses, sat through chemo drips, had pacemakers installed, and snagged the last of the cherry Jell-O in post-op. I've been through echocardiograms, I've seen the inside of numerous PET scan machines, and I've watched nurses search for-ow!-a suitable vein.

As a medical writer, I've read dry medical research papers, watched open-heart surgeries on YouTube (and that was before I had a heart condition), and deciphered the real story behind survival rates on the internet.

In THE JUST DIAGNOSED GUIDES, I'll share what you really need to know when you're just diagnosed without scaring or confusing you.

What others are saying

Melanie D.

"With grit, wit, and honesty, Jen offers hope to patients while answering questions they may fear to ask."

Rick C.

"Things medical can feel complicated and cold. Jen brings warmth and understanding that touches your very soul."

Kim K.

"Jen is that medical insider we all need to provide a buffer from the sometimes impersonal healthcare system."