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Petunia Press is the publishing arm for Jen Singer, author of THE JUST DIAGNOSED GUIDES. 

You may be wondering why a traditionally published author who ghostwrites for other traditionally published authors would choose to self-publish. 

Here's why: These are small books with no spine, the kind of thing a reader presses into the hands of a friend or loved one who aches to speak to someone who's been through what they're going through. It's the slim book you pack in your bag for chemo or your PET scan.

Petunia Press' books are written by me, Jen Singer, a patient just like you, someone with a sense of humor and a knack for empathy who just wants you to feel less confused and less scared. Self-publishing was the quickest way to get them to you with the least amount of interference from publishing partners. 

Not only will they be available in print and ebooks online, but they're also available for bulk orders for foundations, associations, medical organizations, and private companies that see the value in taking the loneliness out of being sick.