Bulk Book Orders

When you're a new patient, you tend to look for information in two places: "Dr. Google" and other patients. Each is fraught with its own issues. 

Google can serve up unfiltered medical information with scary photos and even scarier statistics and a complete lack of empathy. Patient groups frequently supply the "been there, done that," but the medical information isn't always accurate. 

It can make patients feel confused, frightened, and lonely. That's why Jen Singer wrote THE JUST DIAGNOSED GUIDES. A cancer, Covid "Classic," and heart failure survivor and a medical writer for some of New York City's most prestigious hospitals, she wrote a series of guides for newly diagnosed patients that includes "what you really need to know now." 

The guides define the "medicalese" and infuse some humor and lots of empathy to help take the loneliness out of being sick. 

The Just Diagnosed Guides are available for bulk book orders of 100 or more. 

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